Mom Shamed For Taking 5-Year-Old To Hooters For His Birthday: Watch

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There are many ways to celebrate a five-year-old's birthday - a party, a trip to the zoo, an outing to the movies, tickets to a sporting event or live production or even a special vacation, but the way one mom decided to mark her son's fifth b-day has her getting shamed.

In a video on TikTok, Darby Allison shared how she celebrated her little boy's big day - by taking him to Hooters. The clip shows waitresses surrounding the b-day boy, Zander, and singing to him while making him flap his "wings" and hold cups in his mouth like a beak. It seemed like a fun, memorable time, but some commenters used the opportunity to shame Darby.

One person wrote, "Who brings a child to Hooters?" while another asked, "Why would they bring him there, at that age, for his bday?!" Another stated, "What the f**k is wrong with these parents and what waitress let the child in???" and someone else chimed in, "Sad kids are exposed to this."

Many argued over if Hooters is a family restaurant or not, and plenty felt it was not inappropriate to bring a child there. They aren't wrong - a former Hooters waitress once told Cosmo, "The food isn't too expensive, and families are allowed to be loud and messy, and everything is plastic so nothing is breakable, which makes it super family-friendly."

Overall, commenters seemed to support Darby's restaurant choice. One person said, "I wish my birthday was like this," and another wrote, "Kid never gonna forget this."

You can see more of Zander on Darby's TikTok page.

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