This Pennsylvania City Is One Of The Most Foul-Mouthed In The US

Selective focus on child hand, put euro coin in swear jar. Every time child curses or swears it has to put money as punishment in jar for safe keeps. Bad habit concept.

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Whether you call it swearing, cursing or cussing, there's a good chance you've said a "bad word" or two at least once in your life. But have you ever wondered which cities in the U.S. says them the most? A recently survey by found the most foul-mouthed cities in the U.S., and one Pennsylvania city made the list.


Americans are not exactly shy when it comes to profanity. On average, respondents swear 21 times each day. Younger generations are more likely to use swear words, with Gen Z swearing an average of 24 times per day compared to Baby Boomers swearing 10 times per day. Men (22 swears per day) also swear more than women (18 swears per day). 

So, which Pennsylvania city made the list? Philadelphia. In fact, Philadelphia ranked No. 4 in foul-mouthed cities, meaning they swear the fourth most per-day out of the 30 largest cities in America. The top spot went to Columbus, Ohio. Here's what had to say about their findings:

According to residents, Columbus, Ohio, is the major U.S. city that swears the most per day. At an average of 36 swears per day, Columbusites may have foul mouths, but they’re followed closely by Las Vegas, Nevada residents, who swear an average of 30 times per day. In third place is Jacksonville, Florida, where locals swear an average of 28 times daily. 

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