Woman Live-Tweets As Plane Passengers In Front Of Her Fall In Love

The smallest actions could have the biggest consequences, and actress Rosey Blair might have just proven that in a Twitter thread that is going viral. Rosey and her boyfriend were on a flight from New York to Dallas, but they were seated one in front of the other. Rosey asked her seatmate if she'd mind switching seats with her boyfriend and the kind passenger obliged. Once Rosey was seated next to her man, she joked that maybe that woman would wind up finding the love of her life sitting next to her. 

It might have just been a joke, but as it turned out, Rosey's comment could be spot-on. A hunky guy ended up next to the woman and Rosey and her boyfriend watched as the sparks flew almost as high as the plane did. 

She shared what went down on her Instagram story and later, on Twitter. 


Not wanting to end things with a mystery, Rosey and her boyfriend were able to learn a little more about the potential lovebirds:


With her story going viral, it was only a matter of time before one of the people involved in it found out, and that's just what happened. 


As for the woman in the tale, she hasn't yet decided if she wants the publicity:


Whether or not Euan and the woman get married and live happily ever after, the story will forever stand as a reminder that small things can have big impacts. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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