Florida Police Officer Takes Homeless Man's Dog To Vet, Pays For Bill


Officer Bart Wester from the Tampa Police Department was on patrol when he saw a homeless man begging for money so he could take his dog Karma to the vet. Wester approached the man but did not offer him money or threaten to arrest him for panhandling. Instead, Wester drove the man and his dog to a nearby veterinarian for treatment. When it came time to pay Wester pulled out his wallet paid for the services.

Wester was recognized for his kindness in a Facebook post by the charity organization Vets4Pets.

We want to share the act of kindness made today by Master Police Officer Bart Wester* of the Tampa Police Department. A homeless gentleman was panhandling with his dog Karma this morning in downtown Tampa. He was asking for money to get Karma veterinary care. Instead of arresting the homeless man, Officer Wester put he and Karma in his police car and drove them to Vets4Pets.He then paid the entire veterinary bill. Thank you Officer Wester. We think you are the best!

Vets4Pets will also honor Officer Wester along with all first responders at their "Suds on Sunday" charity dog wash on June 3. Baths will cost $10 and include a cocktail for owners and special treats for their pets. All proceeds from the event will go directly to help a pet in need of veterinary care.

Photo: Facebook


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