Seth Meyers' Wife Gives Birth In Their Building's Lobby

Two years ago when Seth Meyers became a dad for the first time, because of how quickly his wife's contractions came on, they nearly had the child in the back of an Uber. She wound up giving birth to their first son, Ash, less than 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital.  

Well on Sunday, Seth's wife Alexi gave birth to their second child and this time, it all happened so fast she didn't even make it to the car. 

The talk show host revealed on Monday's Late Night that Alexi wound up giving birth to their second son, Axel, on the floor of their apartment building lobby. 


During the 11-minute long story, Seth described how they were about to get into an Uber when his wife said she couldn't get in the car because the baby was coming immediately - in fact, she said the baby was on it's way out. Seth described his wife as looking "like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants."  

Alexi laid down in the lobby and Seth called 911 and during his 60-second conversation he went from "We're about to have a baby" to "We're having a baby" to "We have a baby." 

EMTs, the fire department and NYPD showed up and assisted, as did some of Seth's neighbors. An ambulance took mom, dad and baby to the hospital where doctors looked over Alexi and Axel and said everyone was healthy and fine.  

Seth was grateful to everyone except the Uber driver who charged him even though, as Meyers joked, "We did you a huge favor." 

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