Dad Loses Over 350 Pounds So He Can Live To Watch His Son Grow Up

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Having a father figure, be it a biological father, step-dad, grandfather, uncle, or teacher, is important for a child's development. This is exactly why Zach Moore was motivated to change his lifestyle.

The 36-year-old father of one weighed a whopping 500 pounds at his heaviest. He boasted a BMI of 60, and at one point he was so sure that he would eat himself to death. He also drank at least two liters of Coca-Cola and smoked about three packs of cigarettes every day.

Moore's addiction to food was so severe that he even recorded a "goodbye" video for his son, Zach Moore Jr.

In 2013, he was hospitalized for food poisoning and that's when he realized that he needed to change his life if he wanted to live long enough to see his son grow up.

These images represent a time of my life of me "Living" life. What does that mean to you. Living? I used to have to fight eat day and pray I didn't die. I would stop breathing in my sleep. I county walk. I was exhausted all the time. My life wasn't enjoyable. It was my fault. I almost ate myself to an early grave until I had an epiphany. Why live a life that is harder because your fat. Why put your family through the stress and aggravation of your mood swings, emotional issues, denial that there was even a problem. That wasn't a happy life at all. The quality of these lives are so different. I am still the same, although my views of this life, planet and some people have changed along with my size. I lost over 350 pounds. A majority of that between these photos. My life, my story, my legacy can be found on Instagram @mmazach. I am still work in progress, I am documenting my journey as we all are and leaving it for those truly trying to lose weight, honestly trying to get healthy & have a better life. Go and see a 100% real DEATH to SUCCESS STORY. Thanks for the support & always remember, THIS IS YOUR LIFE. You make your own choices, Do What's Best For You. . 📷@mmazach #mmazach . #respect #motivation #fitfam #wlscommunity #fatloss #extremeweightloss #living #obesetobeast #beforeandafterweightloss #keto #ketogenic #fitnessjourney #fitspo #fitspiration #ketoweightloss #gastricbypass #gastricsleeve #losingweight #dieta #inspire #motivate #fitnessguru #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #plasticsurgery #lifestylechange #brave #fearless #wlsjourney

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Moore stopped consuming sugary foods, drinking soda, and smoking. In just about a 100 days, he started to notice a significant difference in how he felt. Eventually, he added exercise to his routine and walked 10,000 steps a day.

"I was having issues walking, breathing and getting around every day…" he told Daily Mail. "I truly felt like my life was coming to an end."

The obese father managed to slim down enough to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, which he underwent in 2014.

For two years, Moore stuck to his healthier habits and lost over 350 pounds. Unfortunately, extreme weigh loss left him with 28 pounds of excess skin and he had to undergo ten procedures to get it under control.

Today, Moore looks like a completely different man and has a new lease on life.

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