Did you know that White Women had a role in the Harlem Renaissance of the '20's and '30's.  Neither did I and I was fascinated with myconversation  with Carla Kaplan the author of Miss Anne - The White Women of the Black Renaissance.  It wasn't unusual for white males to come to Harlem to check out the clubs and bring their dates but these women crossed racial and class lines in ways that were controversial in both the white and black communities.  That's just one of the interviews that you'll hear this Sunday on Insight which airs on Power 99 from 7-7:30 AM and on WDAS FM and WJJZ 1480 AM.

Dr. Lisa Shives is a sleep expert and tells us that a lack of sleep not only leaves you tired but can actually increase your chances of suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease.  Like so many people I know - I go to bed with either my computer on my lap or reading off my cellphone.  Dr. Shives says that completely  flips out your neurotramitters - keeping you up.  Don't miss this interivew with advice on getting a better night's sleep not to mention my bizare and amusing reaction to the prescription Ambien.  That's one of the interviews on What's Going on which airs on Q102, RAdio 104.5 and Mix106.1 Sunday from 7-7:30 AM.


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