Three women have been shot in the past two weeks by men in purse snatching incidents.  Women using social media are mobilizing a movement to raise awareness on not only how women can be safer on the streets but what we need to do as a community to increase the peace.  The movement is called Handbags4Peace and through social media several hundred came out for a rally at 53rd and Market Streets today including Stephanie Long, whose daughter Amber was gunned down by a man who grabbed her purse.  Here's a collage of sounds from the Handsbags4Peace Rally. Follow them on FB at Handbags4Peace on Twitter @handbags4peace and Instagram Handbags4Peace.  Follow me on Twitter @loraineballard.  If you'd like to find out how you can contribute to a scholarship at Philadelphia University where Amber Long was a student you will be able to get the info at  And get involved.