If you have a child who's about to enter college you probably know about FAFSA.  You  are also probably reaching for your favorite headache medication.  FAFSA for those who don't know is the federal form all families must submit to determine eligibility for almost all types of need based financial assistance.  Fortunately free help is available.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA), is offering free FAFSA Completion Sessions throughout the Commonwealth from now through April. The sessions are designed to educate families about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, with access to individual guidance from PHEAA’s Higher Education Access Partners and college financial aid administrators. Students should check with each school they are thinking about attending to determine the deadline date by which the FAFSA should be filed for that school.

A schedule of FAFSA Completion Sessions is available at PHEAA.org under College Planning – FAFSA.  There's more.  PHEAA has a website called MYSmartBorrowing which offers easy to use estimators that help users figure out their possible higher education costs at different schools, future salary expcations for a particular career and much more -  to give students an idea of their poptential ability to repay student loans while affording an independent lifestyle after graduation.  Your parents will thank you.  Check it out at MySmartBorrowing.org.

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