If you're wondering why you're seeing Prom spelled out in sushi it's because its just one of the creative strategies students are using to ask their  dates to the senior prom.  It's way different now than when I was in high school.  Here to lead us through the brave new world of prom-posals and more is our guest blogger Clear Channel Intern Marissa Reale:

Prom is a pinnacle night in a high school senior’s year and mine is finally here. The build up of the dress, the venue, and expectations over the years has finally led to the day I'll be wearing "The Dress" and going to the big dance with my date.  

I spent time talking to many people from different generations and this over-the-top prom  we have now is fairly a new concept. A limo is a must! Back in the day, prom was not the big ordeal it is now. For example, a guy probably casually asked a girl to attend the dance with him, got a suit, picked her up in his Dad’s car, and went home. Now, we even have a new vocabulary to describe all of the feelings and happenings associated with this extravaganza. The much anticipated "prom-posa"l is when someone asks their date to go to prom with them in a grandiose way. The pre and post prom is another layer of "prama" (prom drama) in this whole mix of events!

In my interview accompanied by the fabulous Loraine Ballard Morrill, a teenage boy correspondent, fellow teenage girl excited for prom and my very own Class of 2014 Cabinet advisor and prom planner, we explore all aspects of prom and everything that goes along with it in the link below.




Loraine: I'm back and this is Marissa right after her "Prom-posal" and she'll be going to her prom tomorrow.  :) Can't wait to see the pictures. 


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