Still confused about the Affordable Care Act? I'll be sharing some basic FAQ's about what it means. Here's info for the Uninsured.



So what you just saw is a general overview but thanks to Governor Corbett - Pennsylvania is special.  Initially Corbett resisted Medicaid expansion and has refused to set up a state exchange so consumers will  have to apply for insurance through the federal website  Corbett has also sought Medicaid reforms that have not yet been approved by the federal governmen requiring cost-sharing and adding a  job-search requirement.

We've a unique situation in PA because of Corbett's approach to ACA. The working poor whose income is 139 percent of the poverty line are eligible for assistance. But poor workers with income less than 138 percent of the income are left out in the cold until the state’s Medicaid expansion plan is approved.

On the plus side - according to estimates released this week by the state, insurance offered through Pennsylvania’s exchanges will be among the least expensive in the country. Factoring in tax credits, a family of four in Pennsylvania with $50,000 in annual income will pay an average of $282 a month for a benchmark policy known as the second-lowest-cost silver plan. It would cost $675 without the credits. A 27-year-old in Pennsylvania making $25,000 a year will pay on average $145 per month for the same policy, or $187 before the tax credit.

The PA Insurance Department has launched a special website — — to help residents understand the changes. The website includes information for residents and small business owners.

 In the meantime - still problems with



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