Meghan Orner from Mount Saint Mary's University is one of my wonderful summer interns. She had no idea that through her efforts she would be able to make a young girl’s dream of meeting Ed Sheeran come true. 

I give my interns the opportunity to produce and host a segment of my public affairs programs Insight and What’s Going On.  Meghan chose to interview Vickie Austin. Vicki is the proud and loving mother of Shannon Austin, who was a pedestrian hit by a car 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 14. This is what she looked like before the accident.

Shannon suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, broken arm and a leg that was almost torn off.  She spent 10 weeks at HUP and was discharged to Moss Rehab with little hope of her coming out of a vegetative state.  Shannon has defied the doctor's expectations and has overcome tremendous obstacles.  Despite all of the surgeries, setbacks and the medical expenses,  her mom - Vickie Austin maintains an inspiring degree of optimism and faith bolstered by a strong network of friends and family and the members of Saint Teresa’s Church.
While I sat in on the interview I learned that Shannon was a huge Ed Sheeran Fan.  It just so happened that Ed was doing a special private performance for a small group of Q102  listeners at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Thanks to my colleagues Joe McCollum and Janine Brunson not only was Shannon and her mom able to attend the appearance – she was one of the few who got a chance to meet Ed in person.  To hear Meghan’s interview with Shannon’s Mom click here.  And here are some pictures from Shannon’s meeting with Ed Sheeran at the Q102 event at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I love my job.  Loraine Ballard Morrill