Eight children have been killed in the past month.  The Father’s Day Rally Committee and a coalition of organizations will march Thursday August 7th from three neighborhoods and meet 6 pm at  Love Park 15th and JFK.  For more info call FDRC at 215-696-5362. 

Just one week after Father's Day Rally Committee (FDRC) sponsored a rally at the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenue to support the family of the three young children who lost their lives during a carjacking  - a three year old was killed in the crossfire of a senseless shooting.  FDRC Founder Bilal Qayyum said, "We as a community have to take full responsibly for all the children. Too many of our children are in harm's way every day and unless we take action now, many more will become victims of the violence."

FDRC along with the following groups: Every Murder is Real, RFP, Unity in the Community, Town Watch Integrated Services, One Day at a Time, House of Umoja, Handbags for Peace, Philadelphia Action Network, PAAN and Expressurself Urban Crisis Response Center will march with members of the community from three separate parts of the city. Marchers will be coming from South Philly, starting at the corner of 16th and Washington Avenue and proceed north to Love Park; North Philly marchers will come down Broad Street leaving from Broad and Spring Garden Streets (Ben Franklin High School) to Love Park and West Philly marchers will leave from 22nd and Market Street to Love Park. At Love Park a rally will be held with speakers offering proposed solutions and action steps that people can take in their neighborhoods across the city.

The contact people for each area:

South Philadelphia- Will Little, RFP , 215-459-7065
Anton Moore, Unity in the Community, 215-292-5081

North Philadelphia - Mel Wells, ODAAT, 267-235-4440
Terry Stark, 267-239-7821
Tyema Sanchez, Hand Bags for Peace 484-843-1273

West Philadelphia - David Fattah, House of Umoja, 215-473-5893
Northwest Philadelphia- Chanyta Love, Ever Murder is Real, 215-848-4068.