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For over 35 years Bethesda Project has been focused on its mission to find and care for the abandoned poor and to be family with those who have none. Since 1979 Bethesda Project has created caring communities for homeless and formerly homeless adults in Philadelphia. Bethesda Project is focused on reaching out to those who are not only homeless, but severely isolated from society, typically stemming from untreated chronic mental illness, medical conditions and addiction. Many of these men and women come to Bethesda Project after years of living on the streets, and are extremely reluctant to stay in any type of shelter. Supporting these vulnerable individuals requires long-term relationship building to address the underlying health and personal issues causing homelessness. 

Bethesda Project is unique, the dedication of the staff to treat these individuals as family and work through challenges to ensure that these men and women have a place to call home.

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Credit: Bryan Karl Lathrop